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After The Rain

From out of the blues fall trinkets of cold chilling drops

Falling on sheets, pan-ta-pam-tam…

Craning necks peep through windows

Looking for the source of the disturbance

While children take to the muddy streets with excitement

Potters make haste to choose sites with reddish clay

Hawkers find shelter under half-built huts

Where the rain leaves them drenched .

Mother’s are seen chasing farm animals into homes

And father’s busily mending roofs

Termites soon fly out for nuptial flight

And darkness brings fireflies looking for their mates

Nestling’s cuddle under the arms of their mothers

As young children do

And wet logs prevent night bonfires.

The silence is disturbed by the croaking of frogs

Which strangely encourages the sleep of others

Abruptly ending the days’ activities.



A mathematician, poet and avid reader. Also simple, gregarious and mysterious...

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