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An Interview With Death-An Usher Eternal

The sound of hell rings like a bell,ting-tong-tong-ting…

From out of it comes Death

The most dreaded being among the living

He calls to the sons of men with a hoarse voice

Like the tooting of a car horn

Unto unsuspecting people

A non-refutable appeal to all and sundry

Be it the young or old,discouraged or encouraged, decided or undecided,

Great or small,rich or poor,prepared or unprepared.

For at the sight and thought of death,

Man’s swifter thoughts are replaced with vague conjectures

Of a probable after-life experience of eternity

Death seems like a large force

Which allures man with such sudden looming darkness

That it breaks the threads which bind man so tightly to life,with a blare of sound.

Only then does one feel distant from the usher

Who refuses to go down the same aisle he pinpoints so accurately

To those he welcomes.


Arhhhhh..! he nods in disagreement,when the living world

Of which he is part of,exclaim him to be so cold

Snatching dear ones by laying his icy hands on them.

Murmuring on his pale horse,he sobs uncontrollably

I am a messenger between two extremes,

Attending to the errand of my maker in Heaven.

That dream-land called Heaven

Where for the abundance of misconstrued knowledge in existence,

Many have already ruled out,with others thinking a solicited deed of doom

May earn them glee and pleasure with seventy virgins.

Well,beyond the blues without any convincing proof,

It exists with a complete different set of rules.

Death consoles himself when religious leaders,

Affirm him to be a welcome friend during sermon’s to mourn the dead

For he can’t agree any better that among his duties,he is a timely pilot

Who misses no freight at any time of scheduled departure among his lot,

Unless he is robbed by his cheat twin called life who occasionally,misdirects his frigate

To cross him,he judiciously executes the writ he receives without fear or favor


He cheers up daily when he gets many tenants in his confined abode below

Who come to know him for who he is and feel his embracing bosom of fire in hell

A surprise to the newbies he cracks from life’s shell

To display his steatite hands with no ice.

And for those who dream of resting in peace

There’s an awful cost to pay whatever may.

On listening to his favorite melody of wild whimpering of lost souls

He looks eager to whack with a wham

The breath of those trailing in his inheritance queue.

For the fiery fire he showers in,reminds him that he is the only alternative to life

And that sobs cannot even drown his indelible marks due

To be scribbled anew on the beauty of mother nature.

About choices,he said,I leave none with one

And I do so tirelessly without regret

Because its my duty eternal to end the mystifying happening’s of one’s life.

Although I am a secret to many,beware!he warns

I am lurking around the corner with million ways of invitation,

With an exception to time before transition.



A mathematician, poet and avid reader. Also simple, gregarious and mysterious...

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