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Blood On My Chest

I never craved to see blood

Though I never had the urge to vomit

Neither did my stomach churn when I did chance on it

All I always craved for was the ability to alter my mood

A blow to my mouth

Another at my back

And all hell broke loose

For I really had a fair share of the douse

And red honey dripped from my nose

For a moment,I felt my front teeth juggle

And my tongue,recoil to jump the hurdle

Fenced by my gum teeth

Over the deep trench between the gum and mouth lining

My mind roamed freely not knowing what to seek

Other than a perfect timing

All this while,I had never for once thought

About checking any external parts

Because I was occupied with the taste

Of the mixed nectar from an unknown caste

Oh no!oh no!oh ho!oh ho!ho oh!I can’t go

For I have to find my cohort

Whose dart pierced me amidst my flee from many darts

As I searched through my entire attire

I found a picturesque formation in my plain garment

Right in the middle of my chest

Where did that also come from,I mused

Then I saw it-blood on my chest

Falling freely like rain from the firmament

I had been wrong all along though I wasn’t accused

And my mood could hardly be altered like an unstoppable fire

For!for reasons I don’t know,I never again,want to see my own blood.



A mathematician, poet and avid reader. Also simple, gregarious and mysterious...

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