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Why You Should Write

Life, I’ve heard it told

Is a stream of experiences

One moment it is here,another moment it is there

So incessant is it,that you must the need,write!

For who knows,you never may grow old.

Some experiences may be invigorating and rich

Others hurtful,depressing and poor

Like the falling in a ditch

On a pitch black and cold night

All the same,write you must!

For there is nothing more striking than balance

Captured about one’s lifetime.

Surely,you may not feel like writing anything

Because you may have a log of only few who did

And achieved something

But try,you must!

Who knows the great deal one may learn

From your perceived rubbish

Or whether your writing style may be the next ‘ish’

All I would say is just yearn…

To write,nothing more or less

Just say yes…

And never let your pen cease to flow!



A mathematician, poet and avid reader. Also simple, gregarious and mysterious...

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